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Merrick Locksmith Service is a renowned emergency locksmith in Merrick, NY area. With more than ten years of serving people when they needed us the most, we are a name for the fastest locksmith help.

At Merrick Locksmith Service we offer everything you require to make your property safe and secure. Our excellent response time, affordable pricing and reliable services have earned us the trust of the people of the region.

We service all areas in Merrick, NY

We are available to service all parts of Merrick, NY. No matter where you may be experiencing a lock and key problem, all you have to do is call us and we will reach you in the shortest time to provide you the service you need. We have locksmith vans located all across the area and can reach you in the shortest time.

We are available 24/7

We are committed to ensuring your safety and towards this end; we are ready to walk the extra mile to offer you maximum protection. We work round the clock, so if you are experiencing any lock and key issues, don’t fret! All you have to do is just call us and we will be with you as fast as possible. 

Our services:

For businesses:

Commercial locksmith needs are different than that of residential locks requirements. Businesses have high-end security systems installed that need expert handling. At Merrick Locksmith Service we have a team of commercial emergency lock experts who are well versed with all aspects of business security and can offer you the service you need. Some of our commercial emergency services are:

  • Merrick Locksmith Service Merrick, NY 516-962-574524-hour lock opening
  • Overnight lock change
  • File cabinet/safe unlocking
  • Master key setup
  • Lost/misplaced keys

For residences:

We also have a team of home locksmiths with us who are thorough with home security systems. Some of our residential locksmith services are:

  • Door unlock
  • Broken/lost/misplaced keys
  • Urgent locksmith help
  • Rekeying services
  • Locksmith eviction services

For vehicles:

Car lock issues can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. It can be quite stressful to find yourself locked out of your vehicle in the middle of a desolate road, or find that your keys have gone missing when you need them the most, or face ignition issues. At Merrick Locksmith Service we provide roadside help. Modern cars are equipped with advanced security systems that are best dealt with by expert technicians. Some of our emergency locksmith services are:

  • Ignition issues
  • Broken key extraction
  • New car keys made
  • Trunk unlock
  • 24-hour lockout help

High quality workmanship

What sets Merrick Locksmith Service apart is our team of highly skilled lock technicians. Our professionals have undergone proper training and have extensive experience in dealing with home, car and office emergency locksmith issues. Apart from having the requisite skills and expertise, our technicians are also equipped with high-end machinery to be able to do a locks job properly. With our technicians at the job, you can relax knowing that the security of your property is in safe hands.

Need an emergency locksmith in Merrick, NY? Call 516-962-5745 right away! 

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